QuickBooks for the Wholesale Industry

Your challenge — 
Acquiring, selling, and providing the right products...
At the right cost... To the right customers... At the right time

Wholesale_Warehouse_Team_3237884_blogPivotal transactions for wholesale companies include sales orders and fulfillment, purchasing, shipping, inventory control, tracking product costs and monitoring customer profitability.  At Info Plus Accounting, we teach you to use QuickBooks and related tools to manage information crucial to your achieving positive bottom line results.  It's easy, and it's invaluable.


Our services help you monitor for, and control, risks such as:

  • Cash flow issues.
  • Price volatility on products bought and sold.
  • Sales peaks and valleys.
  • Purchase or shipping errors.
  • Time and cost over-runs.
  • Thin gross profit margins.

Info Plus helps you use Intuit's QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions software developed specifically for wholesale businesses.  These powerful systems are designed to help you:

  • Create quotes for customers.
  • Enter sales orders and manage the fulfillment process.
  • Track counter sales (if applicable).
  • Wholesale-BoxesMouse1719035_blogCharge, record and pay sales tax.
  • Record shipping activities and charges.
  • Account for customer deposits, invoices, and payments.
  • Create purchase orders for inventory or special-order items.
  • Account for inventory on-hand, sold, or spoiled.
  • Track receipt of purchases, and enter and pay bills.
  • Create internal management reports and company financial reports.


“The lack of a tightly controlled and smoothly functioning financial and product-tracking information system can cost a wholesale business literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues and excess costs…“


We offer one-to-one support and consulting services, as well as industry-specific QuickBooks online training seminars, to clients throughout the U.S.