QuickBooks for Job Shop Manufacturing

Success depends on detailed information 
     – especially about job and product costs



Lack of access to critical operating information can cost your manufacturing business hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and excess job costs.  We'll help you learn to use the power of QuickBooks (or Intuit Enterprise Solutions) to control and enhance your custom manufacturing processes. 


As a mid-market manufacturer, you need to constantly track and monitor for:
  • Cash flow issues including payroll, significant inventories, special order products, and technology or production equipment needs.
  • Price volatility on products you purchase and use.
  • Inconsistent sales and increasingly cost-effective competition.
  • Production errors and time and cost over-runs.
  • Thin gross profit margins.

At Info Plus, we help you minimize risk and maximize profit with Intuit's specially designed version of QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions accounting software for manufacturers. Depending on your situation, we begin with an assessment of which QuickBooks package best matches your current and future needs and whether you should also consider third-party products to supplement any specialized needs. 

We then help job shop and custom manufacturing companies learn to effectively use QuickBooks to track, record, and manage functions such as:

  • Estimating costs for custom jobs and creating customer quotes.
  • Creating Sales Orders and completing the order fulfillment process.
  • Creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) for custom jobs.
  • Controlling job costs and supplier quality with Purchase Orders.
  • Job_Shop_Accounting_with_QuickBooks_3944808_blogAccounting for inventory or special orders.
  • Creating assemblies and sub-assemblies in QuickBooks.
  • Receiving purchases and entering bills.
  • Computing and assigning burdened employee costs
         (e.g., design & production) to jobs.
  • Shipping completed made-to-order jobs.
  • Making work-in-process cost adjustments.
  • Tracking installation, support and warranty for individual jobs.
  • Tracking fixed asset acquisitions and improvements.
  • Producing job cost and time reports (estimated vs. actual reports).
  • Preparing internal management reports and company financial reports.

Info Plus is your one-stop resource for managing the numbers that are critical to your bottom line. We help you grow your business and your profits by choice, not by chance.

"Diane Gilson's services enabled my business to accept its first Department of Defense grant award from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. 8 years ago, she built out a Quickbooks system to comply with the government’s requirement for cost accounting that continues, with upgrades, to serve the needs of my business. She supported me through my initial audit which we passed with no issues and has assisted me with every annual audit since then.

Even though I am a business owner, I had no prior accounting or bookkeeping experience and Diane very patiently walked me through training to use the system she created and was available for assistance and support over the very difficult first years of my steep learning curve. In essence, she has taught me EVERYTHING I actually know about accounting. I am now able to use my P&L, balance sheet and other Quickbooks reports and forecasts as critical tools for operating my business.

Diane's teaching style is supportive and targeted at my understanding of accounting principles and procedures. I always feel safe and comfortable to let her know what I actually DO NOT know. She has an uncanny ability to assist me with visualizing concepts and solutions in a logical manner and understands when I have come to the limit of what I can digest and understand in any given session.

Diane has been available to build our system out as required and I am able to get real-time assistance with the "heaven sent" web-ex feature that allows her to enter my system via the internet. She has helped me prepare my annual books for a hand-off of "clean" books to our CPA, helping us to hold down costs for tax preparation. Her hourly rates are reasonable and working with her is always a pleasure."

Sheila Jensen, Visotek, Inc.
(development and manufacture of Diode Lasers and Smart Laser Tools)


We offer one-to-one support and consulting services, as well as industry-specific QuickBooks online training seminars, to clients throughout the U.S.