Problems staying current or generating timely reports?

"I can’t seem to get the information I need – when I need it!”


  • My_Reports_Are_Late“It seems we NEVER have a “clean” set of books, and I need to see where we stand as the year progresses!”
  • “I never know how we’ve done until after our tax returns are prepared — sometimes as late as October the following year!”
  • “How the heck do I control job costs if I can’t get reliable information on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?”
  • "We’re behind and need to get caught up. Can you help us figure out how to bring our books up-to-date ... and stay up-to-date?”



Info Plus Accounting makes QuickBooks data easily accessible

You're in good company if your accounting processes seem daunting.  At Info Plus, we understand the apprehension business leaders can feel about financials, and we help you gain control.  We've trained hundreds of people to use QuickBooks.  Better yet, they've walked away saying, "You're right.  I really can do this!"


Our training is one-to-one, in small groups, and through online programs.  Our clients love the 24/7 online reference approach for its convenience and ease of use.  If they discover a problem at 10 p.m. or on a Saturday afternoon, they can still rely on our (recorded) expertise to assist in answering their question.


We help clients set up customized QuickBooks applications and also offer proprietary support tools, such as our Qlean$tart Month-end Closing Procedures, to address and simplify their accounting needs.  And many clients appreciate our "another set of trained eyes" service (monthly or quarterly analysis & adjusting entries) that promotes timely completion of financial reports. 


Visit our services and products tabs for further information or use the "Contact Us" box at right.  We'll respond and set up a time to speak with you directly.