Unreliable or confusing numbers? Working in the dark?

"How do I know if my numbers and reports are right?”


  • My_Reports_Leave_Me_With_Questions"In fact, I'm pretty sure some of my reports are wrong.  Can you help me?”
  • “Some of my bank, credit card, and/or loan reconciliations haven’t been completed in months!  How do I get a handle on this, and prevent it from happening again?"
  • “After a series of bookkeepers, my numbers are looking strange.  What should I do?”
  • "I have some accounts and reports that I don't understand. Can you explain them?"


Info Plus Accounting is your go-to place for answers

Our clients ask us questions like those every day.  We provide answers through our file analysis and consulting services, online training, small-group training, etc.

We make QuickBooks easy, arming you to get your accounts in order and keep them that way.  As necessary, we even provide accounting assistance — clean up if your numbers are in dis-array, catch up  if you've fallen behind, troubleshooting when you need quick resolution, and then providing monthly or quarterly wrap up and closing services to provide additional re-assurance that your critical numbers make sense.

From: Wilma Barber of Barber Construction

Wilma Barber of Barber Construction was not getting the same numbers
on her reports that her CPA was giving to her.
After consulting with Info plus Accounting, she is able to view her reports
and track her numbers on a daily basis, ensuring their accuracy…

Info Plus offers industry-specific, one-to-one support and consulting services and online training seminars to clients throughout the U.S.