Why aren't we making more money?

"My business is struggling with profitability.”


  • Better_Information_Yields_Higher_Profitability“What should I be charging (or earning) for my employee labor?”
  • “I’m making a decent gross profit on individual jobs, but my bottom line stinks.” 
  • “We’re losing money on this job, but I don’t know why.” 
  • "We’re growing, but our profits are shrinking. I need an accounting tool and some reliable information to help me sort it all out.”


Info Plus Accounting helps you look
more deeply into your financial options

You're in critical need of answers, but you're not an accounting expert.

That's why Info Plus exists.  We've spent many years helping hundreds of businesses such as yours set up accounting systems that provide irreplaceable financial insights ... yet are easy to use.

We're consultants, coaches and teachers.  We help you clean up messes quickly.  We help you tailor your QuickBooks files to give you insights that guide your business decisions, pricing, salaries, sales goals, etc.  We teach you the best ways to use QuickBooks, alleviating the headaches that occur when you're not well-versed in the system.

We also develop solutions to address client needs that aren't met by other products.  For example, our proprietary Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer (eCPA) lets you track the true cost of employees, so "hidden" costs don't eat up your profits and so you can establish profitable pricing for labor.  This same tool lets you make wise growth decisions by planning the costs and revenue associated with adding employees.  And our Qlean$tart Percentage of Completion Calculator lets you see exactly what's happening with job profitability, so you aren't relying on guesstimates.

From: Simon Ackerman of Architectural Builders of Hampstead, Inc.

Simon Ackerman of Architectural Builders of Hampstead, Inc. struggled for 5-7 years to gain control of his numbers…After 4 months with Info plus Accounting, he has succeeded in reorganizing his accounting system and is now running a profitable contracting business…

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