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Looking for construction or manufacturing
QuickBooks job-cost and management accounting expertise?

We Provide Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Coaching & Guidance


If you need to make money from employee labor –
Check out this unique tool:

eCPA:  Employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer

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Are Hidden Labor Costs Eroding Your Profits?

How to Compute the True Cost of Employees
& Make Smarter Pricing Decisions
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Better Numbers – Better Controls – Better Bottom Line
Accounting with QuickBooks for Builders and Remodelers


  • Profits lagging because you lack critical financial insights?
  • Need to track what's going on with each and every job?
  • Job cost and company reports wrong or non-existent?
  • Switching from an out-dated, expensive accounting package?
  • Migrating to Enterprise or QuickBooks?


Reduce the risk of loss + maximize your profits

If you're in business, you're at risk.  It's easy to lose money before you even know it's happening. However, good financial information gives you knowledge to protect yourself from losses AND substantially increase your profit margins.

Gary_Roux watching the numbers 

"Watching the numbers may not be my favorite part of the business... 
       But it’s the most important part of the business.”

                                                                    Gary Roux, Covenant Contracting


You don't need an accounting degree, and you don't have to love numbers. Our training, including online programs available whenever and wherever you want, teaches you to tailor QuickBooks to your needs, use your management accounting system with ease, and access information that lets you map your unique plan for success.

Clients often say "I wish we'd called you years ago."

Info Plus Accounting provides job cost and management accounting products and services to a distinct group of clients and industries (see "Your Industry" tab at top).

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We deliver expedient, experienced expertise to independent business owners who understand the importance of accurate and timely financial information. 

Some of our clients have struggled for years without reliable data.  They're amazed at the value of strong accounting systems when they see what they've been missing — and what they can achieve.

Are you tired of painful, costly accounting efforts?  If so, we invite you to take advantage of what we've developed and use that knowledge base to build a stronger, more profitable, company.


We've invented the wheel so you don't have to

We help you gain control of your business by providing guidance, training, and copyrighted accounting and business support tools developed with 15+ years of collaboration with customers like you. 

 QuickBooks and Intuit Enterprise Solutions provide the platform.  Our proprietary techniques and support software expand that platform to solve the unique financial challenges of construction, manufacturing, wholesale, and service businesses.  We're all about customization, speed and efficiency ... for you. 

Certified Advanced QuickBooks & Enterprise Solutions ProAdvisor Services

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